How Segmented EVPs Support Recruitment

On an organizational level, your EVP will remain unchanged, but how employees experience these propositions will be quite different. It’s important to develop talent segmented EVPs to give specific talent the context and proof points that will resonate with their unique experiences.

Brooke White, Sr. Employer Brand Specialist Written by Brooke White, Sr. Employer Brand Specialist

Tailored Employer Value Propositions: How Segmented EVPs Support Recruitment

Your employer brand is made of three key components: your organization's core values, its shared commitments, and the employee value proposition. 

Core values and your shared commitments are constant no matter what kind of candidate you’re after. However, what can and should change between segments, is your employee value proposition (EVP). 

On an organizational level, your EVP will remain unchanged – opportunities to develop, impact their work will have on the community, etc.–but how employees experience these propositions, will be quite different. 

The main differences lay within the context and proof points you provide – think about how one group experiences an EVP pillar, versus another. Take a look at the example below that explores how employees from two different talent segments experience an EVP.

At ABC company, we promise to provide opportunities to help you grow and develop in your career. 

Sales Employees: The opportunity to develop means focusing on growth by developing an expanding book of business, or growing within an existing role. The organization supports this via mentorship programs that will pair junior sales reps with leaders, admittance to top industry seminars, and cross-functional training programs that allow sales staff to meet with the product department. Military 

Veteran Employees: For veterans, the opportunity to develop focuses on helping new employees develop a well-rounded skill set and provide them with exposure to various departments across the organization. Mentorship programs pair new veteran hires with senior leaders who also have served in the military, and rotational programs allow veterans to work in different areas of the business for 3-month periods to explore different opportunities and develop skills.

Although we’re talking about opportunity in both examples, you can see how two talent segments can experience them differently.


Employee demographics can be segmented in many different ways – they can be large groups, small ones, they can be based on roles, or diversity segments, and will often overlap! Your employee segments should always be formulated based on recruitment needs.


Once you’ve decided what your employee segments are, you need to learn everything you can about them. This means research, research, and more research. Read relevant blogs, articles, online studies, interview existing employees and seek feedback from your candidates. 

You’re looking to understand what the talent market is after, what current employees and prospective candidates find uniquely attractive about your organization, and how you can do better to create these experiences. What do you offer that satisfies these needs? What internal changes are necessary to improve the experiences of the talent segment?


Often times, employees and candidates can be quite unaware of existing programs that satisfy key wants and needs. You need to be explicit about what you offer internally so employees can leverage the great things you offer, and externally to attract better candidates. 

When it comes to your organization’s downfalls, you need to address them. Some of these can be changed with organization initiatives, but you must also understand that not all gaps can be fixed. Your EVP should focus on the positive experiences you have to offer and provide direction for the organization’s future. It’s about being aspirational, yet authentic.

In short – to successfully leverage your employer brand across different talent segments, you need to re-define your EVP for each group and speak to them in a language that resonates and inspires. 

At Adverto, in addition to supporting organizations in the definition of their employer brands, we offer support for talent segmented EVPs. 

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