Employer Branding for Staffing Firms

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The competitive advantage of a staffing firm lies in the quality of candidates they’re able to provide to their clients. For this reason, these firms need to build a compelling employee value proposition that resonates with job seekers. In this blog, we explore why staffing firms require employer brand messaging along with a few themes they can leverage to get them started.

Brooke White, Senior Employer Brand Specialist Written by Brooke White, Senior Employer Brand Specialist

Employer Branding for Staffing Firms

Staffing firms and recruitment agencies support recruitment and selection for organizations that don’t have the time, expertise or resources to do it effectively on their own. From supporting employers with contract or temp-to-hire candidates, to recruitment marketing, to recruitment process advice, these agencies act as market experts in the talent acquisition space.


When your sourcing and headhunting top talent for your clients, you need to compel them to work with you.

The competitive advantage of a staffing firm lies in the quality of candidates they’re able to bring to the table for their clients. This means firms need a compelling employee value proposition that resonates with job seekers. These firms must convince job seekers that by partnering with them, they’ll be supported in their job search and better equipped to satisfy career goals and aspirations.


A staffing firm’s employee value proposition should outline the firm’s promise to candidates if they choose to conduct their job search through the agency.

Staffing firms have a lot to offer job seekers who work with them. Below, we explore some of the most common benefits that candidates experience. When building employer brand messaging, firms can leverage these themes to build out their employee value proposition pillars.

Industry Experience and Expertise
With extensive and specialized industry experience, staffing and recruitment agencies have a lot to offer job seekers. They understand how the employment market changes over time, and can often anticipate these moves based on industry data. In an ever-changing job market, these agencies can offer valuable career advice and direction for candidates.

Free Job Search and Career Matching Services
Since agencies work for the employer, the services they offer to candidates are completely free. When you begin working with a staffing firm, the process begins with an initial consult. In this consult, the firm will assess a candidates’ skills and experience and search for opportunities that may be a good match. Through this relationship, candidates can also leverage internal job sites with access to postings that aren’t advertised publicly.

Robust Feedback Making You More Marketable
A staffing firm’s value to their clients lies in the quality of candidates they bring to the table. For this reason, most firms offer extensive resume services, interview prep, and feedback throughout the application process. Their goal is to make their candidates as attractive to employers as possible. Their familiarity of the recruitment process, paired with their specific understanding of the client’s needs, offers candidates invaluable insight as they navigate their job search.

The only way to achieve a strong and meaningful employer brand messaging is to truly understand what you have to offer to prospective candidates. When staffing firms refine their employee value proposition and communicate it effectively to candidates, they’re able to attract quality talent for their clients. At Adverto, we’ve developed a process that ensures your EVP messaging is developed thoughtfully, tested thoroughly, and executed authentically to resonate with prospective candidates. If you’re looking to work together, reach out to set up a consultation!