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Adverto Publishes Veteran Hiring Insights

Alongside the launch of our Veteran Hiring Solution, the Adverto team has created a blog stream focusing on veteran hiring insights to support employers in their efforts to attract, engage and retain veteran candidates.

Representing a significant and often underrepresented part of the talent market, veteran candidates offer unique value to employers across the country. Through these veteran specific insights, Adverto aims to educate employers on the value of veteran talent, and how to support them effectively through their employee life cycle.

With an initial launch of three blogs, Adverto is focused on continuing to provide valuable insights to help employers gain a wholesome understanding of the veteran audience along with confidence in their ability to support veteran needs.

Blog 1: 
What Veterans Look for in an Employer
Adverto explores the shared qualities and experiences unique to veteran candidates that influence what they look for in an employer post-active duty.

Blog 2: 
10 Reasons to Hire Veterans
Adverto lists and describes ten reasons why employers should target veteran candidates as a part of their talent strategy.

Blog 3: 
How to Engage Veteran Candidates
Adverto discusses differences between veteran candidates and traditional job seekers. From here, we discuss how to customize a candidate experience and job search process that suit their unique needs.

For more information on Adverto's Veteran Hiring Solution and its capabilities, please follow this link.

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